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Problem Tree Analysis Template

The Problem Tree Analysis template helps you to explore the causes and effects of a particular situation or problem.


Bidding Template

If you want to take your video production business to the next level, then look no further. This template lays out all of the line items your proposal should include for any bid you submit; even more, it’s the exact template Chris Do used for Blind Agency to land some of his largest contracts.


Sell Without Selling Pro Group Call

Watch as Chris Do hosts a live call with the Pro Group and uncovers his unique approach to selling minus the ego and aggressiveness we all dislike.


Logo Critique Worksheet

Before you hit the “Send” button on your next logo submission, give your work that last, hard look to make sure you've checked off all your client's needs with a concise questionnaire we created from the hundreds of hours we’ve spent critiquing other logos.


Creative Brief Questionnaire

All the questions you didn’t know you needed to ask a client before designing their logo.


The Ultimate Color Resource Guide

Whether you’re in the middle of a logo design or finalizing a style guide, choosing the right color palette can be a daunting task. We put together the best resources to make choosing colors a lot easier within your workflow.


Visual Vocabulary Worksheet

You don’t have to be a good copywriter to know how valuable words are when describing your work, but how do you break free from writer’s block when it happens? This worksheet will show you the steps we take to get the descriptive language flowing.


First Meeting Workbook

Never make another proposal blind again and ask all the questions that show potential clients you really understand their projects' needs.


Focus Worksheet

Your time is money, but so is the energy you put into every thought, action, and relationship you consider. You only have 24 hours in a day, and how you spend this currency can have a dramatic effect on your overall business and livelihood. This workbook is going to have a dramatic shift on your perspective.


Personal Branding Worksheet

We ask you the Who, What, Why, and How of your personal brand, but only you can answer the When. This worksheet will make the challenges of pointing the spotlight on yourself a lot easier.


Lettering Worksheet

Are you tired of delivering those same, old, type-faced designs to your clients? Do you keep feeling like typical fonts just don't meet the bill for the brand you're trying to build? Then this lettering worksheet is for you. In it, you’ll receive two free paintbrushes to use in Photoshop and an easy guide to make the Blackletter alphabet yourself.


Resume Template

So you’re getting some notice from recruiters, and you want to make sure the first look at your resumé leaves them wanting to schedule a call. Perfect. Look no further than Chris Do’s very own resume to use as a template.


Typography Manual

Want to know some of Chris Do’s very own secrets with his use of typography? This manual breaks down ten simple rules Chris Do learned at Art Center and continues to use in all his designs.


Dynamic Compositions Guide

If you ever find yourself feeling uninspired from your compositions, then this guide is going to help you break free from the vicious cycle of designer’s block and create more dynamic visuals. Plus we added a secret formula we use to help you conceptualize a little easier.


Pitch Evaluation Worksheet

You’ve just spent days and possibly weeks putting together a solid deck for your client. The only step left is to go in and present, but before you do, you need to ensure your pitch stands out among the pack. This worksheet will help you make sure it is.