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Introduction to UX Design


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Introduction to UX Design


about the event

Future-proof your career, increase your value to clients, and deliver impactful digital experiences by understanding and applying the foundations of UX design.

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Increase Your Value

So you’re designing a website- but will it work?

And we’re not talking about being a functional website for your client.

Will it meet the needs of the end-user? Will it anticipate their behavior, understand what makes them tick, and give your clients the real results their looking for- delighted users who keep coming back and engaging?

Sure, you can get a ready-made template, slap in some copy and images and send that invoice along, but most clients with some Googling skills can do this without you. Yikes!

There’s a whole lot more to designing digital experiences- and a whole lot more money to be made developing websites and apps once you tap into the power of User-Experience Design.

Design with Intention

Deliver Impactful Digital Experiences

Imagine knowing exactly how to design a client’s website or app because you know exactly what their end-user wants and needs.

Imagine the satisfaction your clients will have when they realize how successful their launch is- and all while not overspending.

Wait- what’s that we hear? Sounds like referrals coming your way, case studies getting published that show real results, dollar signs in your bank account, and opportunities knocking on your door.

Ready to drive immediate impact like this for your clients? Well this workshop gives you a solid foundation to begin your UX Design journey. In this workshop you’ll:

  • Identify how to launch a UX Design strategy to solve a design challenge so you can kickstart your UX services
  • Understand how to design with people’s behavior in mind so you can set your clients’ minds at ease, knowing their launch will “work”
  • Use key UX Design methods to solve a real problem for people so your designs increase your value
  • Create UX Design assets that can influence overall business objectives so you can deliver not just great designs but great results
who this is for

Increase your opportunities and future-proof your career.

Heard about this newfangled thing called the tech industry? Yeah- it’s not going anywhere. And while the tech industry continues to grow, so do the opportunities of a UX designer, whether you’re a one-person powerhouse for small startups or part of dynamic UX team in a large corporation. Or maybe you’ll become a UX specialist who larger teams bring on for your expertise in one aspect of the process- talk about really increasing your value!

Whatever your UX Design path, this workshop will give you the foundations you need to get going!

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Meet the Instructor

“I’m bringing a lifetime of lessons learned, mistakes made, and great successes to lead attendees along a rewarding UX Design journey.”

Vincent Brathwaite is a Caribbean American multi-disciplinary design leader, educator, speaker, and husband to Magalie Lachoua. He’s a visionary with a keen ability for assessing an idea’s potential and bringing its possibilities to life. His passion is to build bridges between cultures and unite people by their common thread.

For the past two decades, he has worked to transform communities through disruptive design methodologies, a process he learned by studying Industrial Design at Rhode Island School of Design, Product Design at Strate School of Design (Paris), Product Development at MIT, and Project Management and Data Analytics at General Assembly.

Recently, Vincent served as Head of Global Design Leadership for InVision, where he managed a community of over 4,500 design leaders around the world. While growing that community, he created a new business unit that garnered the support of notable business leaders in HR, marketing, product management, design, and engineering leading to an increase in product usage.

As a consultant he’s successfully executed projects for Red Bull, IBM, Caruso Affiliated, Tides Foundation, Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator, Morehouse College, the US Dept. of Energy Georgia, and various companies in the social impact space.

He’s taught over 300 individuals UX Design as an adjunct professor at Rhode Island School of Design, adjunct professor at the School of Visual Arts in NY, and lead instructor at General Assembly combined. He's written articles of advanced UX topics for the Adobe XD blog “XD Ideas”.

As a speaker, Vincent has inspired thousands of designers and entrepreneurs at conferences such as the UX India Conference, UX Strat Online Conference, DesignOps Summit, Dribble: Hangtime Conference, National Urban League Conference, and TEDx Crenshaw.

In all that he does, Vincent is led by the following core principles; integrity, empathy, kindness, courage, and resilience.

what’s inside

We’re giving you everything you need to kickstart your UX Design career and increase the value of your services.

Part 1: Understand UX Design Fundamentals

  • Learn the principles that will help you confidently begin your journey as a UX Designer. You’ll understand the difference between UX, UI, branding, and graphic design and how they can work together so you can create a career tailor-made to your strengths.

Part 2: Translate User Behavior

  • Learn how to surface user behaviors into translatable solutions so your designs get results. You’ll gain access to the language needed to share user stories with influential stakeholders so they have buy-in throughout the process.

Part 3: Connect Business Goals to User Needs

  • Gain actionable skills to align business goals to the needs of clients’ customers that increase your value as a designer and make you an irreplaceable partner in their’ success.

Date & Time

Wednesday, Sept. 14 | 9:00AM-1:00PM PDT

Length & Format

Approximately 4 hours. Digital video conference hosted on Zoom, online only.

Live Attendance

We recommend attending the workshop live, but we do not require you to do so. You will have access to a video recording of the workshop for 14 days after the event.

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September 14, 2022

9:00 AM PDT

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